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✌🍄 Good Morning friends. My Portland psych-sister Leah is playing some music today on her radio show Shroom Tunes, a bunch of lovely friends’ records and our @6thfloororchestra track “Cuerdas de Bruja” at 8-10am PST (11 EST) you can listen at 90.3 FM Portland or if you live elsewhere… ❤️❤️ Cheers, @leahmellmer to friendship, come visit ny again soon! :) :) “Shroom Tunes’ “Friends & Friends of Friends” playlist! I will be supporting bands that I have found through Facebook, Instagram, and real life pals ❤️ There will be many groovy songs with sounds ranging from synth to sitar! Listen in at (11/25) from 8-10 am (PT).” #psych #music #giallo #horror #library #musiqueconcrete