Sine Gif


<3 the intro.
#MartaKubišová #1961 #Czech #Psychedelic #Pop

There’s always been something peculiar about the keys she sings, dips slightly a bit low for her range…wonder if she had any say in the matter or if it was all maestro Bohuslav Ondráček? I remember that feeling as a child, preparing songs for all the musical theater I was in, and the old scores were just in such an odd keys. And my vocal teacher giving me a glass block that was laying around and having me lay on the floor to sing scales with it on my belly to force me to push with my diaphragm, so I could understand visually. And then she’d say, ‘see… I knew you can hit all the notes, just have to reach down deep/high.’ And it indeed worked and grateful it gave me the range I now have. But it’s nice to now write in the keys you feel most connected to. Pitches are like colors in lots of ways, there’s some I love quite very much and feel much more like myself when I use them. <3

There’s something primitive and lo-fi about her music that resonates culturally with the political unrest that her country was going through at the time…and that’s quite beautifully honest in a lot of ways.