Sine Gif

Upon looking for some musical / visual art inspiration, early this morning on a morning bin dig at my secret spot, for some upcoming projects I am working on, I found the 11th publication of Avant Garde featuring the erotic works of John Lennon featuring Yoko in varied…positions. A bit guttural I’ll spare you :} , but interesting. But more fascinating, within, some of the lost, banned works by Gustav Klimt, many of which I never saw before studying art, design and film at university, which caused him to be “scorned, degraded and eventually ostracized completely” for showing pregnant female nudity and suggesting breast feeding. Deemed as “vulgar”…grotesque. Ominous how relevant that is today. The other works in this book are also fascinating such as the lippy psych drawing, memories that never happened on LSD, a weed stash advert and that blow up chair is pure gold for $9.95. Publication dated March 1970. #johnlennon #yokoono #eroticism #psychedelics #gustavklimt #psych #avantgarde #newyork #1970 #rare #magazines #seventies #art #design