Kristi Scarvelis is the Singer/Musician of the music group Auramics, a Multi-Medium Creative Director, Designer and Filmmaker based in New York/LA and has worked on a broad spectrum of projects in the arts, design, film, fashion music & production industry. She works across all media from film/animation, to music and sound design, to graphics and fashion.



All collections are currently sold out. View past collections here.


Auramics Records can be found at auramics.com.


Films can be viewed here.


Kristi Scarvelis has well versed experience working as a Creative Director/Designer for many Fortune 500 companies in New York/Los Angeles/Worldwide:

Creative Direction

Kristi Scarvelis has a broad range of experience as a Creative Director that includes:

Areas of Expertise:
Web Design & Advertising
Fashion Design, Product Design & Consulting
Filmmaking, Animation, Direction & Storyboarding
Photography & Editorial
Music Video Creative Direction & Concept
Music, Composing & Sound Design
Talent Placement On Location and/or Remote.



Please contact me to view my password protected client portfolio.

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Kristi Scarvelis
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Kristi Scarvelis

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